CRS Token sale is expected to begin in April 2018.
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CRYSTALS is a first and unique blockchain platform for the escort and dating industry that is envisioned to act as an “intermediary” between the service providers and customers.

The escort and dating industry is considered one of the oldest in the world and yet, remains technologically underdeveloped.

There are problems that are expressed in:

Inefficient use of marketing and technology lead to zero industry growth, dishonest practices and high risks for all associated parties. Escort and dating industry can be described as stagnating.

The wicked understanding of what the words “escort” and “dating” mean. As a consequence, people with certain fears or lifestyle are not able to use such kind of services privately and without any worries.

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The critical issue is that people today understand terms “escort” and “date” in very negative, sometimes even rude, dimensions. The majority of respondents in our survey noted that the providers of dating and escort services usually do not provide the required level of privacy and usability.

Moreover, the increased intervention by governments and financial institutions into our everyday lives makes it very uncomfortable to use such services, as there are serious concerns when it comes to privacy.


The general business model in the market is based on enormous fees or full control of the service provider activity. There are also risks associated with dishonesty in practice of this business. A customer can never be 100% sure that in reality, the service provider will have the same appearance as advertised on the web. No less common is the situation when one of the parties does not show up at a meeting that was confirmed earlier.

Over the long term, this can lead to substantial financial losses.


The escort and dating industry does not implement any online payment methods. Cash transactions are private, but both parties suffer from such threats as fake money, theft, and uncertainty that everyone will fulfill their responsibilities

The available online payment systems also have limitations: chargebacks, processing fees, low privacy, and payment data theft from the third parties.

Additionally, escort and dating service performers are not able to use any bank services as their applications are often rejected.

...That’s why we have created CRYSTALS

CRYSTALS project is a first and unique blockchain platform for escort and dating industry:

  • An ultimate solution for the escort and dating industry that includes distribution channel, unique payment system, and detailed statistics for corporate clients and individual performers

  • The best-in-industry B2C experience through a user-friendly website, a variety of offers, and guaranteed privacy with the use of blockchain technology

You can visit our demo zone to explore an early stage
of the platform development.

CRYSTALS is a complete ecosystem that provides a full-service cycle for escort clients, performers, and agencies. This platform is the first software for the escort and dating industry with the use of blockchain and shared economy principles.

In terms of business model, it will become an intermediary between service providers and their clients. This business model will not require high investments to grow and involves minimal risk. CRYSTALS will not provide any escort or dating services directly but will organize and support a secured, convenient, blockchain-based platform for this business.


Ecosystem provides a full user-friendly service through two main products:





This will include the following features for the
  • Convenient search by criteria
  • Account page with balance and current order history
  • Favorite profiles
  • Chat with the service provider
On the other hand, through the same website service provider will have an access to:
  • Profile settings
  • Account page with balance and statistic
  • Order page
  • Availability calendar

Step 1 (Online step)


Searches and books
CRS Token 1st
authorization step.
Funds are blocked
until further



Booking confirmation

Step 2 (Offline step)



Meet in person




Oral Confirmation


a smartphone


CRS Token 2nd
authorization step.
Funds are successfully
transferred to the
performer’s account


In case of CRS Token system does not receive confirmations, funds are automatically returned
to the customer. Agreement is terminated.

Funds are received
instantly. Agreement
is fulfilled


In case CRS Token system does not receive confirmations, funds are automatically return to the customer. Agreement is terminated


Unlike our competitors, we have

  • User-friendly interface
  • International presence
  • Listing Price
  • Performers and Customers Support
  • Secured payment method
  • Min. $100
  • $0
  • User-friendly interface
  • International presence
  • Listing Price
  • Performers and Customers Support
  • Secured payment method
  • Min. $100
  • $0

Additional Competitive Advantages


Decentralized double-authorization
payment method


Extended statistical reports
for individual performers and agencies


Transparent team
and financial model



The CRYSTALS ecosystem is based on our CRS Token, the only payment methods within the platform.
The detailed information about CRS Token is available in the table below.

Symbol CRS
Token Type ERC20
Exchange rate 1 CRS = 0.00024 ETH = app. 0.13 USD
Total Supply

Total: 200.5M CRS

Pre-sale: 12.8M CRS

Crowdsale: 127.5M CRS

Other Allocation: 60.2M CRS

Minimum buy

Pre-sale: 10 ETH

Crowdsale: 0.1 ETH

Unsold tokens? Will be burned forever
Hard Cap 140.3M CRS = 28’600 ETH = app. 15.5M UDS
Soft Cap 34.8M CRS = 5’840 ETH = app. 3M USD
Dates April, 2018
Length of token sale

Total: 60 days

Pre-sale: 15 days

Crowdsale: 45 days



% Discount CRS Price CRS Allocation
Pre-sale 40% 0.000144 12’800’000
Wave 1 25% 0.00018 22’000’000
Wave 2 20% 0.00019 26’000’000
Wave 3 15% 0.00020 27’000’000
Wave 4 5% 0.00023 25’000’000
Wave 5 0% 0.00024 27’500’000

Token Allocation

  • For Sale
  • Team remuneration50% is blocked for 1 year
  • Advisors
  • Marketing
  • Bounty
  • Contingency

Funds Allocation

  • Online Marketing
  • Events, Meetings, and Promotions
  • Research and Development
  • Fixed Costs
  • Other Marketing Activity
  • Management
  • Legal Services
  • Support Chain
  • Contingency

More than a half of the raised funds will be spent on project marketing campaign. We will focus on both development and current operations, in order to provide the highest level of support to customers and performers. And finally, around 10% or the raised funds will be allocated to legal services.


See our roadmap to be aware of the
CRYSTALS plans for future.

  • Q3 2017

    • Problem Identification
    • Industry research
    • Market analysis
    • First concept
    • Executive team formation
  • Q4 2017

    • A clear solution to the problem
    • Final concept
    • Concept visualization
  • Q1 2018

    • CRS Token creation
    • Audit and system testing
    • Legal procedures
    • Token presale
    • Crowdsale stage
  • Q2 2018

    • Crowdsale ending
    • CRYSTAL services full operation launch
    • Marketing campaign
    • Europe market launch
  • Q3 2018

    • The active B2B campaign
    • Marketing campaign continued
    • Extended branch chain for support and legal protection
  • Q4 2018

    • CIS market launch
    • Performance analysis
    • Extended feedback collection campaign
    • Active B2B campaign continued
  • Q1 2019

    • Web-cam project development
    • All current markets' monitoring
    • Overseas expansion planning
  • Q2 2019 - Q1 2020

    • CIS, Europe, and USA markets stability
    • Web-cam project launch
    • CRYSTALS API development
    • Asian market probing


1The unique solution for modern people

We combine modern blockchain technology and traditions in order to reborn the old values and unadulterated meanings of escort and dating services.

2Exchange markets listing

CRS Tokens are going to be openly traded on the major cryptocurrency exchange markets after the ICO. Now we accept investments in ETH.


We’ll dedicate our attention to the legal procedures and honesty of the service provided through our platform.

4CRS Token is the Centre of CRYSTALS ecosystem

CRS Tokens are used for the purchase of services within CRYSTALS ecosystem. As the system evolves, tokens will be increasingly sought-after.

5Awesome Team of Professionals

All members of our team have extensive experience in the field of blockchain, trading, development and business.

Are you ready to support the development of a unique
product on the market of escort services?

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CRYSTALS team is a small group of young professionals. Each of us has different tasks and
responsibilities. Together we have the ability to bring our project to the final stage.

Nikita Yakubovskyi



Nikita is BSc in Computer Security and Networks faculty. He has been involved in several successful business projects including supply chains, logistics, transportations, and distribution channels industries. Was one of the first entrepreneurs in Ukraine who managed to fully transfer all money operations to blockchain.

Glib Yemelyanov

Business and Legal Relations


Glib holds a BASc in Law and a BBA in Corporate and Real Estate Finance. He has a strong background at the intersection of law, business, and technology. His experience combined with a keen interest in blockchain technology drew him to join the Crystals project as a Business and Legal consultant.

Anastasia Lieberman



Anastasia holds a Master's Degree in Sociology and has a strong background in both sociology and the dating industry. She worked at the Grace Family Dating Club as an HR Manager. Currently she is working as Business Development Manager in Archicgi and is involved as COO in the CRYSTALS Project.

Denys Kostenko



His first degree in Information Technology with honors Denys achieved in Kyiv National Economic University. Since November 2016 until now, he is working as Advertising Manager in Swiss Bank Dukascopy SA, based in Geneva.

Antonio Sviridov

Chief Blockchain Developer

Linkedin Github

Antonio is a full member of UNIT Factory. He is working as independent Ethereum smart contract developer. In 2017, he was invited to become an expert for one of the biggest Blockchain development companies in Ukraine.

Serge Lavrinchuck

Chief Platform Developer


BSc in Engineering, with over 7 years of experience as a developer, he developed and automated processes for more than 20 businesses. Serge is also highly experienced with software architecture and sophisticated database design.

Mykhailo Svyatenko

Operations Team Leader and Representative


Mykhailo is Bachelor in Information Communication Network. After the University, he decided to continue his educational program and got an invitation from UNIT Factory Kyiv. Mykhailo is highly involved in a variety of public works and events.